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February 14th, 2009

guitar_ded @ 01:27 pm: the ides of february
are upon us. and i'm strangely inspired by this ridiculous youtube video to dig up a tune that i spent far too much time with.

the tune is one from the antonio carlos jobim catalogue and is marvellous. below is page one of an arrangement of preferred changes in a certain key. why hoard this stuff? it's already one of the more recorded tunes around there. a jillion versions in all kinds of keys.

aguas de marços

the waters of march



i delved into this tune as well because i was somewhat inspired by a tune called 'for joyce' by this fellow who recently passed. played in chuck mangione's band, called
coleman mellett
. beautiful song.

November 13th, 2006

guitar_ded @ 09:22 am: what will they think of next.

scientists develop air guitar

no kidding. that's crazy talk. though i did go to another show where the performer actually used the band in the box program. and sang and played some guitar on top of it. or something a heck of a lot like it. i was trying to decide if i liked 'gentle rain' or if that dude should just get out more. you could use this fancy tshirt to conduct the band in the box. ha ha.

August 1st, 2006

guitar_ded @ 02:40 pm: jazz sextet. free stuff.
this is gonna be fun. a sextet... six pieces of squishy musical goodness. chuck mcclelland and i have been playing together on an off for probably 10 years.. he's a treat and has a lovely musical resume that includes the urban gorilla band, the richard moody band, ragamaroons and a few other fun things. free show. 8:30 start time.

August 1st
Le Mardi Jazz presents:
The Chuck McClelland Sextet

at the Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre

340 Provencher Blvd

8:30 - 11:15pm

(free admission)

You are invited and feel free to forward this to a friend.

Come hear the jazz with:

Chuck McClelland - Tenor Saxophone

Joel Kwiatkowski - Trumpet

Bruce 'Jake' Jacobs - Electric Bass

Ron Tomasson - Electric Guitar

Jordan O'Brien-Moran - Trombone

Jaime Carrasco - Drums

March 2nd, 2006

guitar_ded @ 07:13 pm: winter hours
whiling away the time in the frozen wasterland can be alright if you end up with something to show for it.
i have always maintained, perhaps erroneously, that it isn't necessary to move to van, T.O. or anywhere else to make music that you can be pleased with. and then i am not sure that i am pleased with it at the best of times. but that probably wouldn't change if my location did.

from a reversal last week:


*disclaimer: yeah, i realise it's ultra lo-fi, the cymbals are way too hot for their own good, the bass player was distracted by his recent fatherhood so he temporarily forgot where to put the five chord in that one part, et cetera. by putting this here, i am hoping for feedback regardless, even if it's to criticise the use of the major seven in a dirty blues, as i know it is a little on the fruity side and might have been a poor choice.

this is the 'manitoba cold storage' band, which will be playing at bella later this month.

September 19th, 2005

dirty_deeds @ 11:01 am: Jazz guitar forum
This community seems like it has some great people in it, but we aren't very active. If anybody is interested, I've been posting at the forums at http://www.playjazzguitar.com/forum/

Fairly active (a post or two per day) and everybody seems real nice.

Just though I'd share.

I've actually gotten some decent tips and lots of great links so far.

July 21st, 2005

dirty_deeds @ 09:45 am: Hey!
This community is dead, so I figured I'd update a bit.

I've been playing guitar for a long time, I've been teaching guitar full time for a few years now.

I've had lots of experience in many styles of music, but my interest in jazz has always been more academic until recently.

I've taken lots of classes and lessons and learned tons of jazz theory, but I never did much listening to jazz music, so obviously my playing in the jazz style winds up sounding pretty dry and technical.

So recently I took a lesson with a Berklee guy who was long time friends with Tal Farlow and he gave me a lot of good stuff to do.

I have learned Charlie Parker heads before from reading but he wanted me to transcribe them.

So I took that advice and I am doing the following with a half dozen Parker heads -

1. transcribe them and learn how to play them in EVERY KEY
2. Mimic the phrasing in the original recording (all the slides, accents, everything) and try to play along with it until it's perfect
3. Comp the changes on various string sets (I've been doing the guide tones on the D and G strings and then trying to do vaguely 4th based voicings on the top four strings)...in every key!
4. Analyze each note and phrase of each head in each key as part of the chord and then try to make a similar phrase over those chords.

Doing this even just for the past two weeks has been so ridiculously helpful! Especially #3 and #4 have helped me see the neck a whole lot better. And I'm starting to really get what a Charlie Parker type of phrase sounds and feels like.

Previously I was just stringing theoretical concepts together, now I feel like I'm much closer to actually playing jazz.

Just thought I'd share my excitement.

How many people still read this community anyway?

June 3rd, 2005

guitar_ded @ 12:07 pm: nanohead
found this nifty little $500 touch in the april 2005 popular science mag. it's a little tube thingy that uses a real tube setup and is supposed to 'warm up' digital sound in an mp3-or-what-have-you set up. very cool. but so expensive. also a guitar amp that gives 'real tube' sound to a recording bit on the computer. sort of the opposite of the 'pod.'

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

sadly, the article about this thingy is not online.

this thing seems really cool. this thing is an amp head. reminds me of that cigarette package amp. but more betterer. here's the movie.

May 5th, 2005

guitar_ded @ 09:14 am: so i have recently acquired (without having to necessarily buy) the 'POD' and i am curious if there anybody out there who uses one. (and if there is still anybody out there). i brought the thing to a dinner gig yesterday and found that i never really had time to screw with it enough to find a nice tone, or care enough about the hundred-odd amp configurations. i did have time to discover that i really shouldn't turn any knob if i don't know what it does, reestablishing the importance in my mind for a 'set it and forget it' policy about that sort of thing. mostly, a few weeks ago i had the bright idea that since my reverb knob broke off, say around 4 years back, i would finally solve the problem.

a brief digression

i was playing another dinner gig, at the sheraton hotel and this was the wknd that the junos were in town. big awards hype machine and there were stars in a lot of peoples' eyes, which is sort of embarrassing in a way if only because it makes some people decide they should play for free, or for 'exposure.' people die of exposure. anyway. my great idea was that since the knob is broken, i could krazy glue something on it, like so i could turn the thing i could glue it on and then i would have easy control over the 'verb once again. four years i spent diggin' the end of my side cutters into the plastic bit that is still left in the pot.

a great idea

so my plan was almost complete. i had the krazy glue and a button from a pair of army pants i had sanded down so that one side was sorta flat. flat enough that it would sit on the knob remnant. exciting and fun. except. krazy glue runs. it runs into wherever gravity takes. what's that 'gravity: not just a great idea? it's the law.' well. needless to say i am glad i stuck the reverb in a pretty medium not too much but mostly enough setting before i krazy glued it in the same position forever.

a distant indentical twin of my fabulous Traynor TS-75 amplifier,  but with a reverb knob,  a 'mid' tone knob and a 'bass' tone knob.

i suppose my question if i have one for the universe is what is the best sounding and most subtle reverb in the pod. i can look and probably will. i have been resisiting buying a 'holy grail' for quite some time. i have a non guitar playing buddy who simply does not need the pod that he has, that i have. so this can be a somewhat extenda-loan. which is great. but not so great if all of the 'verbs suck nose.

March 23rd, 2005

stasiaforrest @ 09:27 pm: a hello
I just started studying jazz guitar for my senior project in high school. I played the piano for 6 years, then turned to voice, and now guitar. I play guitar/piano/bongos in a rock band at school, we're called Unplug and Run. My favorite jazz guitarist is Kenny Burrell, I just snagged All Day Long & All Night Long on vinyl from a store in the village. I am in love with his rendition of Here's That Rainy Day (Soul Call); it's just beautiful. I am currently learning Miles Davis' All Blues which was a bit tricky for me at first, but I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.
~Gabrielle (oh also...I'm 18 and go to a private school in nyc)

Current Music: I'll Remember April
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